Release Notes for 26 May 2023

New changes to the Thredd Cards API for the week ending 26th May 2023.

ActivateNow field added to Create Card endpoint

The ActivateNow field has been added to the Create Card endpoint, enabling users to activate a card in the process of creating a card. This is an optional field and the default value, where the field is not included in the body, is false.

See below for an example Create Card body with the ActivateNow field included and set to true.

    "CardProduct": 10030,
    "CustomerReference": "CustNo12345A",
    "ActivateNow": true,
    "CardHolder": {
        "Title": "Mr.",
        "FirstName": "Bruce",
        "MiddleName": "Graham",
        "LastName": "Smith",
        "DateOfBirth": "1982-02-19",
        "Mobile": "07755123456",
        "Email": "[email protected]"
    "Address": {
        "AddressLine1": "1007",
        "AddressLine2": "Mountain Drive",
        "AddressLine3": "string",
        "City": "Derby",
        "County": "Derbyshire",
        "PostCode": "DE1 4PP",
        "Country": "GBR"
    "fulfilment": {
          "addressLine1": "32 Metropolis Ave",
          "city": "Derby",
          "country": "GBR",
          "county": "Derbyshire",
          "PostCode": "DE1 4PP"
       "CardManufacturer": "AB Note",
        "DeliveryMethod": 0,
        "CarrierType": "Type 1",
        "Quantity": 1,
        "Language": "HU",
        "ThermalLine1": "asdeoivh2neriuvnqkr",
        "ThermalLine2" : "asjkfnkerjnkwe",
        "EmbossLine4" : "jdwncwlkejr",
        "VanityName" : "Name Mane",
                  "ImageId": "An image id",
                  "LogoFrontId" : "A logo ID",
                  "LogoBackId": "Another logo ID"
    "nameOnCard": {
        "title": "Mr",
        "firstName": "Bruce",
        "lastName": "Smith"



Documentation/API Explorer

Examples added to Postman Collection

Example bodies and responses have been added to the UAT Postman Collection.


Postman Collection

You can download the latest version of the Postman Collection from the API Explorer.

Update STIP Balance endpoint temporarily removed

The Update STIP Balance endpoint has been temporarily removed from the Cards API.