Contactless Purchase Transaction

The Contactless Purchase Transaction endpoint enables you to test contactless transaction authorisations using CTS Lite. This REST API enables you to perform these tests without the need to use the full Card Transaction System (CTS) functionality.

You can perform a test of the contactless purchase transaction by making a POST request to the Contactless Purchase Transaction endpoint. For example:


The POST body should include the token and transaction amount for the contactless purchase. The below is an example of what the body should look like.

     "token": 21,
     "transactionAmount": 47

A successful response will return a HTTP 200 response code. Below is an example response:

"note": " Accepted by EHI  ",
  "rawMessage": "00A1000016010200A100000040351100000000000000000000000110722022810ED082061044622180760996630000000000000001000802100115260348082600000006400000F2F2F7F1F4F8F7F2F3F5F8F3F1F1F1F8F2F4F0F0F1F2F3F4F5F6F7F8E2C8D6D740F14040404040404040400940404040F2404040F208260F01000C910A4CE35C946410AC5F30301040000000000000000002214641227213058000000002",
  "responseCode": "00",
  "responseStatus": "Accepted",
  "transactionId": 2147526132


API Explorer

See the Perform contactless purchase transaction endpoint.