Introduction to CTS Lite

Card Transaction System (CTS) Lite enables you submit card test transactions without needing to use the CTS front-end. CTS Lite communicates directly with the Message Processor using the REST API, which then interacts with the EHI.

The below diagram displays the workflow of how CTS Lite works.

When performing a CTS Lite transaction, the client begins the process by initiating the request and sending a REST API message. The database service will then process the request and get the necessary data from the database to fulfil the request and return it to the API call.

The transaction request is sent to the message processor which, in order to process the request, exchanges data with the database and the EHI before sending the response back to CTS Lite.

CTS Lite extracts additional information from the database, formats the response and sends the request (test) results to the client.