Get Card Payment Token Details

The Get Card Payment Token Details endpoint enables you to retrieve the details of a specified payment token. You can retrieve the details of the token by making a GET request to the Payment Tokens endpoint. For example:


A successful response will return an HTTP 200 response code. Below is an example response:

        "id": 6783,
        "walletId": "APPLE",
        "tokenPAN": "1321",
        "status": {
            "tokenisationStatus": {
                "code": "-",
                "description": "Invalid"
            "authorisationDecision": {
                "code": "A",
                "description": "Accepted"
            "authorisationStatus": {
                "code": "A",
                "description": "Accepted"
            "gpsStatus": "Deactivated"
        "tokenisedDate": "17/01/2020 08:48:06",
        "expiryDate": "31/12/2022 00:00:00"


API Explorer

See the Get details for a card payment token endpoint.