Retrieving Card Balance(s)

This section provides instructions on how you can retrieve balance(s) for a given card. This can be used to see any pending amounts on a given card as well as the current and available balance.

Retrieving a card balance

Step 1: Retrieve card details

Identify the corresponding Public Token for the card to be used.
A card's public token is returned in the response to creating a card within the publicToken object.

Step 2: Retrieve a card's balance(s)

After identifying the public token for the card, you can execute a GET call to the List Card Balance endpoint to retrieve the card's balance.

A successful response will return a HTTP 200 response code and the following payload:

"Balance": {
  "CurrencyCode": "string",
  "CardBalance": 10.00,
  "PendingAmount": 0.00,
  "AvailableBalance": 10.00 


API Explorer

See the List card balance(s) endpoint for more information.