Listing Card Transactions

This section provides instructions on how you can retrieve transactions from a specific time range for a given card. This can be useful in generating card statements for your customers.

Listing Card Transactions

Step 1: Retrieve card details

Identify the corresponding Public Token for the card to be used.
A card's public token is returned in the response to creating a card within the publicToken object.

Step 2: Retrieve card transactions

After identifying the public token for the card, you can list the transactions linked to the card using the List card transaction(s) endpoint. You can define the start and end date period over which to return transactions by using the dateFrom and dateTo headers to define the date range you want returned from the API. See the below example that will return transactions between the 1st January 2021 and the 31st December 2022.


If successful, a 200 response will be returned with details of the transactions between the dates specified. See below for an example response:

        "id": 6160502008,
        "description": "string",
        "dateTime": "2024-02-20T14:16:18.34Z",
        "lifeCycleId": null,
        "type": {
            "code": "U",
            "description": "Unload"
        "status": {
            "code": "S",
            "description": "Settled"
        "amount": {
            "billingValue": 50.00,
            "billingCurrency": "GBP",
            "transactionValue": 50.0000,
            "transactionCurrency": "GBP",
            "settlementAmount": 50.00,
            "settlementCurrency": "GBP",
            "actualBalance": 1950.00,
            "availableBalance": 1950.00
        "fees": {
            "id": 0,
            "fixedFee": 0.00,
            "rateFee": 0.00,
            "fxPadding": 0.00,
            "mccPadding": 0.00
        "productId": 10023,
        "cardNetwork": "MASTERCARD",
        "processingCode": "230000",
        "recordId": 0,
        "note": "API Load by ",
        "systemTraceAuditNumber": 0,
        "transactionCountry": "GBR",
        "transactionLink": 6160502008,
        "additionalDetail": null,
        "paymentTokenId": null,
        "paymentMethod": "None"


API Explorer

See the List card transaction(s) endpoint.