BLC Complete Card Replacement

This section provides instructions on how to transfer an old card Balance, Limit, and Child cards (BLC) to a newly replaced card using the BLC Card Replacement endpoint.



The BLC Card Replacement endpoint can only be used after a card has been successfully replaced. The Replace Card endpoint must be run first.

You can transfer the BLC to the new card by making a PUT request to the Complete Replacement endpoint. For example:{PublicToken}/complete-replacement

The body can include fields that transfer details from the old card to the replacement card. The following options are available:

  • moveBalance sets whether the balance should be transferred
  • moveLimitAccumulators sets whether the card limits should be transferred
  • moveChildCards sets whether any child cards should be transferred
  • moveExpiryDate sets whether the current expiry date should be transferred
  • expiryDate sets an expiry date on the card. This can only be used instead of the moveExpiryDate option.

The below is an example of what the body can look like.

     "moveBalance": true,
     "moveLimitAccumulators": true,
     "moveChildCards": false,
     "moveExpiryDate": true

A successful response will return a HTTP 204 response code.


API Explorer

See the Complete a Card Replacement endpoint.