Introduction to Card Transactions & Balances

Card Transactions

Use the Cards endpoints to see information about cards.
Note that Thredd also provides a service that gives you real-time information about the transactions taking place on a card, via the External Host Interface (EHI).

Card Balance

Thredd can maintain the available balance on a card on your behalf or you can maintain it. If Thredd maintains the balance, we provide an endpoint where you can view the balance. To determine who maintains the card balance, see the External Host Interface (EHI) Guide.



Thredd does not hold or process any of the actual funds that relate to transactions on the card and is not involved in the clearing and settlement process, where actual funds are exchanged; you will need to manage this via your card issuer.

For further details about EHI modes, see the External Host Interface (EHI) section.

Updating the card balance

You can use the Load / Unload card & adjust balance endpoint to update the card balance maintained on the Thredd system. See Loading, Unloading and Balance Adjustments.

This is required to reflect transactions that are processed outside of the card scheme network (such as where a customer uploads funds to their account to top up their account or transfers funds out of their account).