Updating Cardholder Details

This section provides instructions on how to retrieve and update a cardholder's details. When a Cardholder has been created as part of a Creating a Card API call, you can update a cardholder's details.

The following details can be updated via the API:

  • email
  • mobile

Updating Cardholder Details

Step 1: Authenticate the Cardholder

Updating a cardholder's details presents a risk of fraud. Thredd suggests that you build in two-factor cardholder authentication into your customer app to verify the cardholder's identity prior to allowing them to update their email or mobile phone details.

Step 2: API request to /cardholder

After successfully authenticating your cardholder, you can call the Update Card endpoint. For example:


The body of the call should include the updated details for the cardholder. For example:

     "cardHolder": {
          "title": "Mrs",
          "firstName": "Joanne",
          "lastName": "Smith",
          "dateOfBirth": "1982-02-19",
          "mobile": "07712345678",
          "email": "[email protected]"
     "customerReference": "ref 3345"

If successful, a 204 response will be returned and the card details will be updated.


API Explorer

See the Update card endpoint for more information.



There is no separate cardholder endpoint; you will need to update the details for each card held by the cardholder.