Set up on Production

When all production readiness activities are complete, Thredd provides you with production credentials and generates a limited number of PAN stock, as approved by your card issuer.

Access to Production

Ensure you have secure access to all the required Thredd systems:

  • Provide Thredd with a list of IP addresses allowed to use the API.
  • Some clients may require VPN access to Thredd to use the API.
  • Ensure you have the required user credentials and codes needed to submit API requests:
    You need a username and password, which must be included in the authorisation header of your API request. Your Implementation Manager will provide you with your credentials.
  • You will need an Issuer Code, supplied by Thredd. This must be included in the body of your API request.

Production Testing Steps

Additional end-to-end transaction testing is required at this stage. In particular:

  • Create card tokens for automated card production.
  • Thredd will send a file to the card manufacturer via sFTP. The card manufacturer generates live physical cards and despatches to the relevant parties for testing (Thredd , Program Manager and Card Schemes).

Thredd can provide you with a test script to run tests that cover aspects you should test, such as:

  • Test traffic through the BIN tables.
  • Test the card chip profile is working in line with how it has been configured (for example, if the card is enabled to draw out money at ATMs and charges a fee for ATM withdrawals, check this works as expected).
  • Test to ensure usage groups and velocity limits set up for your products work as expected and return the expected results.
  • Make sure you understand any messages returned from the card schemes and card issuers and know how to handle these.
  • Test the end-to-end customer experience and confirm that the card and account are operating as expected.