Sending SMS

The SendSMS endpoint enables customers to send custom SMS to their clients. This is done by entering a message into the smsText field and then using EventIDs to populate client data.

You can send an SMS to a client by making a POST request to the endpoint. For example:


The body can include up to three optional fields:

  • phoneNumber enables you to select a number to send the message to if there is no phone number associated with the publicToken specified in the endpoint
  • smsText enables you enter a message to be sent to the client, including Event IDs
  • amount enables you to enter an amount value if the amount event ID is used in the smsText field
"smsText": "CVV for your card ending with %cardLast4% is %CVV%"

If the request is successful you will receive a 200 response, confirming the message has been sent to the phone number specified in the body.


API Explorer

See the Send an SMS endpoint

Event IDs

Event IDs can be used in the sendSMS endpoint to add client-specific details to the message being sent. For example, the following body shows the event IDs %cardLast4% and %CVV% being used to add client-specific content to the message being sent.

"smsText": "CVV for your card ending with %cardLast4% is %CVV%"

The following table details each of the event IDs that can be used in the SendSMS endpoint.

Event IDDescription
%CARDSPAN4%The masked PAN, showing the last four digits of the card.
%CURRENCYCODE%The currency code.
%CURRENTBALANCE%The current balance of the card.
%CVV%The card's CVV.
%CARDS6DIGITS%The middle six digits of the card's PAN.
%OLDPAN4%The last four digits of the old PAN.
%FIRSTNAME%The first name of the cardholder.
%NEWPIN%The PIN of the card.
%SENDER%The programme manager.
%GPSEXPIRY%The Thredd card expiry date.
%AMOUNT%A monetary amount to be referenced in the text. Should be used with the amount field in the request body.