Thredd Protect

Thredd Protect is a bespoke fraud protection programme designed to guard financial institutions and cardholders from fraudulent transactions. The system works in near real-time and is based on transactional data checks and calculations to flag suspicious transactions or events.

Thredd Protect is simple to setup and manage, and it puts you in control of the monitoring, blocking and flagging of live cards, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Combined with advice from our team of fraud experts, we help you to configure and control rules designed to protect your specific card programme.

Monitoring the transactions in near real-time significantly reduces financial risk; just one of the reasons our award-winning Thredd Protect is recommended by issuers as the fraud solution of choice. Thredd is in the process of upgrading Thredd Protect to operate in real-time, enabling you to stay ahead of fraud before a transaction has had the chance to go through.

How it Works

  • Define rules - Thredd works with you to define a bespoke set of rules and configurations beyond that of default parameters.
  • Deploy rules - All data from the Thredd Apex platform is checked against the predefined rules and logic to identify patterns of fraudulent card activity instantly.
  • Alert triggered - Any suspicious activity results in an immediate alert with an action, such as block card.
  • Action alert - Fraud analysts/managers can act manually, or intervention can be automated to block the card.
  • Analyse patterns - Thredd Protect helps to analyse fraud patterns over time so you can tailor rules as your programme and cardholder behaviour evolves.



For more information on Thredd Protect, refer to the Thredd Protect User Guide.